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Genre io is difficult to confuse with anything. Despite the simple and often primitive graphics, almost every new game attracts thousands of fans. Now you can’t surprise anyone with realistic graphics, the plots of new games are often similar to each other, and the quests are mostly the same type. Games in the io genre, starting with the very first - Agar.io, detract precisely because of its simplicity. They do not require much time, they allow you to relax after a hard day, they are suitable for all ages.

The goal of the player in most cases is to dominate the others. You are invited to control the snake, worm, bacterium, tanchik or airplane, which you must develop by absorbing the "feed" and their rivals. Some games suggest the presence of heroes of different classes, as in the classic RPG, different weapons and armor, while others offer you to have fun right away, not bothering to choose a character and search for equipment.

In fact, most games in this genre differ only in plot: you can control a small fish to eventually grow a formidable sea predator, or you can try yourself as a pilot of a starship and become the coolest space pirate on the map, capturing others ships, destroying asteroids and even whole planets.

By running any game, you will compete with dozens of other players from around the world. Constant rivalry is another reason why such simple games drag out millions of people and are even more popular than the most anticipated innovations from other genres. Besides, it's very easy to start. You do not need to go through lengthy registration procedures, you do not need to buy and install anything, you just need to have at hand any device, be it a smartphone or tablet, with access to the Internet.

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